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Old 01-23-2009
osjohnm osjohnm is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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SilentDeath - No matter where you go in the world, crime is a problem. Yes, in South Africa it is a reality but I don't live in fear. Fortunately, I live in Cape Town (which is a great city) and the neighbourhood I live in is really safe. Crime still occurs in it but generally its petty crime or house breaking.

We also have a very active neighbourhood watch and I'm a member. We have our own 2-way radio network and the police force support us. They monitor our radio in their central ops room and vehicles dedicated to our area also carry our radio with them. Therefore I can talk directly to the police ops room and 1or 2 vehicles patrolling our area. Day or Night.

In the 2-years the watch has been running, crime in our "hood" has decreased by 70%. Hence the great "hood".

Dunadun - I see your point. However, you are meant to fire 3-4 rounds at the perpetrators chest. The dust will incapacitate somebody for 30mins or so.
By which time fellow neighbourhood watch members would have responded, the police would have responded and the armed response company thats linked to our alarm would have responded.

I have a wife to consider. If they are coming into your house at 3am, they are expecting you to be home and are prepared to deal with you. Unfortunately in our country they do more than just rob you if you are home.
As long as my wife gets out, what happens to me is irrelevant.

Hopefully I'm never in a situation that requires the use of any force. However, it never hurts to be prepared.
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Old 01-26-2009
osjohnm osjohnm is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 34

Hi all

Found some more info out this weekend and thought I should share it.

Chatted to a local paintball dealer and he was saying that they have sold T8s to customers for self-defence but they are often returned.

Reason being that the internal parts don't handle the high pressure and fps settings required for pepperballs. The o-rings snap under the pressure. Now they generally refer customers to the local distributors of the "Pepperball" brand here in SA.

(I recall a post further back stating the internals would not handle the high settings)

It would appear that the T8s being sold under the Pepperball label are either modified before they reach the distributors/retailers or afterwards.
Something is being done to ensure that the internal parts handle the 380fps setting.

Thought someone might find this update on the saga interesting.
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Old 01-26-2009
Achilles80's Avatar
Achilles80 Achilles80 is offline
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Originally Posted by osjohnm View Post
Hi all

... the internal parts don't handle the high pressure and fps settings required for pepperballs ...
I am just curious, why is such a high FPS required for shooting pepper rounds? Do they have a really thick shell that needs the increased velocity to ensure breakage?
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Old 02-01-2009
osjohnm osjohnm is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 34

Achilles, basically yes. The pepper rounds are heavier and the outer shell is hard. If I press a paintball round, it makes a small indentation where my finger is applying pressure. I can't do the same to the pepper round.

Also the kinetic energy/force of the impact is one of key components of their system.

Firstly the pyschological effect of hearing a loud bang, followed by painful impact plays an important role..."hmmm....I've just been shot"
It hurts, way more than a paintball round.

Also you aim for the chest, so the force of the impact results in a large intake of breath. Ensuring the dust gets into the eyes, nose and lungs immediately.
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Old 02-18-2009
programmergeek programmergeek is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Have you thought just of using Mace 10% capsion. It is quite effective and i would think more reliable and smaller to carry. Wouldn't be as cool though.
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Old 12-13-2012
GriVoran GriVoran is offline
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Hi all. Sorry to ask on such an old post, but hopefully i get some replies.

I have a similar issue here. I live in South Africa and i use my T9.1 as self defense / target shooting with a pepper ball / glass breaker mix of rounds.

I used to have the marker set to 400fps and after a few months i started getting irregular firing. Every now and again it would shoot two rounds at once.

After rebuilding the trigger group i found it was just one little spring causing the problem. Nothing else was damaged yet.

I then tried to set it at about 300fps just to be safe that i dont break anything. But i am surprised to find that it is maxing out at about 260-280fps. This is very strange that i cannot even get the high fps i used to. However, i do use heavier rounds now. The previous 400fps was achieved with lighter re-balls and not the glass breaker rounds. I cannot buy the lighter rounds here anymore.

My worry is not that i may still be damaging something since it makes since to me that it is not only a question of fps but also the energy, since the heavier balls carry more momentum.

Also, i did kinda over oil the regulator i think. Could this also effect the max fps i am getting? If i turn the regulator up to a point it starts blowing and sprays oil. That is what i am considering as the max setting.

Any advice? Anybody know these guns well?

Many thanks.
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